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    According to criminal law in Australia, the age of consent refers to the age a person is considered to be capable of legally giving informed consent to sexual acts ...

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    Find out more about why sexual consent is important, and how to tell if someone has given their consent.

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    Rape and Sexual Offences: Chapter 3: Consent . Contents: Sexual Offences Act 1956; Sexual Offences Act 2003; Statutory definition of consent; Reasonable belief in consent

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    When can I have sex? What are the ages of consent in New South Wales? ... Please also see our New South Wales pages on Sexual Assault and Child Abuse.

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    [The accused] is charged with sexual intercourse without consent knowing that [the complainant] was not consenting to the sexual intercourse. The Crown ...

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    New South Wales Consolidated Acts ... Consent in relation to sexual ... the other person knows that the person does not consent to sexual intercourse if the other ...

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    Laws around consent; Search; ... To legally have 'sex' in Australia you need to give, and be given consent. Sex without consent is sexual ... New South Wales: Consent ...

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    https://www.alrc.gov.au/publications/25. Sexual Offences/consent

    Circumstances where consent is vitiated. 25.89 In every Australian jurisdiction, legislation prescribes some circumstances where consent to a sexual act is defined ...

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    In NSW the law also requires that some treatments must have the consent of the Guardianship Tribunal. 12. For children under 16, the tribunal must approve:

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    Laws regarding sexual activity. Private consensual sex between men has been legal in New South Wales since 1984, while lesbian sexual acts have never been ...